Cluttered Meets Rowdy

The Blogger Idol play-at-home assignment for this week is an interview session between two participating blogs. Here is what happens when Cluttered Genius meets The Rowdy Baker!

              Deep thinking and trash talking.

Lydia and I had a chance to sit down and talk with one another – quite unusual considering she’s in North Carolina and I’m in Washington State. But, because we’re so dedicated to Blogger Idol, we made the trip. Check it out:

Rowdy Baker meets Cluttered Genius by lydrichmond on GoAnimate

Animation Software – Powered by GoAnimate.



7 thoughts on “Cluttered Meets Rowdy

  1. I love GoAnimate! Great idea. I used this tool in my classroom to have the student make “significant scene animation” with Huck Finn. You’re welcome for that random fact. Fun Stuff!

    • Lydia was the genius in charge, and she says there was no post-production since it’s just a video of us! (I wish…oh, to be so tall and skinny!)

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