Blue Ribbon Whore

I love winning blue ribbons the way my dog loves homemade dog biscuits…I’ll do just about anything for one! Which is why my daughter made me this wine glass for Christmas last year:

If you look closely at the shadow in the back, you can see the word “whore” engraved in the glass. Delightful child, isn’t she? She meant it in the nicest sense of the word, of course, and supports my desire to “Go for the Blue” at all costs.

When we moved from the city to the country five years ago, I had never entered anything in a competition or fair before, but took a chance and entered my croissants. I was afraid to go in and see the judge’s results, so I hung around outside until my daughter scouted out the situation for me. When she told me I got “Grand Champion” I almost fainted, and the addiction was born.

My granddaughter and I, admiring the “Grand Champion” ribbon on my croissants!

I’m sure a psychologist would be hammering me about my need for positive reinforcement, public acknowledgement, approval. Maybe I was too harshly potty trained when I was little. I don’t know why, but I love seeing those ribbons stack up, as long as I feel I really earned them. There’s a little fair in a nearby town in the summer, and almost everyone gets blue ribbons for everything. I won’t enter anything there because it’s too easily won. The challenge is everything!

My daughter also made this ribbon display for me. Does that make her an enabler? She is more creative than I, and a very skilled baker in her own right. Someday I’ll be passing the display back to her, along with the torch!


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