Living, Eating, Breathing…

bi logoAnd it begins.

Getting chosen as a finalist in the Blogger Idol competition was a high that lasted several days (possibly extended by copious quantities of sugary treats and liquid grapes) but has finally settled into a state of Middle School Syndrome. You know…

“Would they like me better like this? Or maybe like this?”
“Should I change again? Maybe the other one was better”
“I don’t want to look snobby. But I don’t want to be a suck-up either”
“If I turn my assignment in first, I’ll look like a total dork”

Trust me, angst and insecurity aren’t  just for the tween crowd.

I usually just write what the little voices in my head tell me to, and either people read my blog or they don’t. I don’t get paid by advertisers – I actually spend money just to bake, take photos, and spill my guts, so I don’t have to worry too much about saying the wrong thing.

But now, that’s changed. It matters. So pretty please…blog 100
I’m asking you to take a moment every Wednesday to read my assigned post and – if you like it – cast a vote for me. Voting will go from noon central time on Wednesdays to midnight on Thursdays. I’ll put a reminder (and simple instructions) on my Rowdy Baker Facebook Page each Wednesday. Don’t just stop at my post, though. There are thirteen of us competing and a lot of people who will be playing from home, and I assure you – their posts are always a whole lot of fun to read!

Don’t do Facebook? Here’s the direct link: Blogger Idol Voting

And in case it sounds like I’m taking this far too seriously, that’s honestly not the case. In spite of the rampant insecurity, I’m already having a blast with this. I love writing what someone else tells me to, rather than trying to come up with original ideas. I love putting a different spin on these assignments, just to please myself. And I tend to get a wee bit competitive, so YES, I’m definitely having fun. And I’d really like to stay in the running for a while!

Okay, I’ve begged, I’ve pleaded, and I’ve exposed my soft underbelly. (EEEUW, not really. That was just figurative. Shake it off, shake it off.) Hope I’ll see you over at Blogger Idol on Wednesday, where you’ll get to read our eulogies! Isn’t that festive?

Lorinda – The Rowdy Baker


8 thoughts on “Living, Eating, Breathing…

    • Thank you! It’ll be easy. There will be a link to click on and it’ll take you right into the Idol page, and the rest will be self-explanatory. I’ll post the link on my Rowdy FB page and on my personal one, just to be sure to coerce…er …encourage every vote I can muster. <3

    • “Reminding” seemed a little more socially acceptable than “wheedling”, “guilting”, “extorting”, etc. etc. Everyone is going to be SO sick of me by the time this is through. Even if I get bumped right away I’ll still be playing from home. There is no escape!

  1. You’re gonna win . . . you’re gonna win . . . you’re gonna win . . .

    Aw, heck . . . you’re already a winner in my book!

    • Now you need to pick up a cheerleader costume (it’s almost Halloween…they should be in the stores, right?) and make a video for me 🙂 Thank you so very much for the support! Even if I get bumped this week, it’s totally been worth it.

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