Fly on the Wall – June


Fly on the Wall

Each month a group of bloggers gets together to write about the little things that happened in their homes that you’d only know about if you were a fly on their walls. This month there are 15 of us, so you have your choice of drama! As for me, I’m not happy with you at all, little fly.

This month, I have a bone to pick with you. Why can’t you earn your keep instead of being a freeloader on my wall? Now I’m going to have to buy some ladybugs to help out with the bug situation in the garden. You can eat poop, right? Then WHY can’t you eat Colorado Potato Beetles? Or at least the eggs. Here I am, welcoming you into my home every month, and you won’t even help out? Pfffft.

colorado potato beetle PUBLIC ENEMY

These little guys are back this year. It was an ongoing war last gardening season, with hundreds and hundreds of beetles picked off the potato plants by hand. They were moved to a bucket of soapy water lovely house with a pool. It appears this year will be more of the same. Picking off the bugs is the easy part (if you don’t consider my permanent stoop from bending over like that). It’s those darn eggs they lay under the leaves. Hard to find, and when you DO find them they have to be (eeeeeuw) squished. Ugh.

This is war. WAR, I say!

I belong to a Homemakers Club, which is something you probably won’t find if you live in the city. Here, it’s a thing. We have a token youngster or two, but most of us are well past middle age, with many women in their 80’s and even a couple of ladies in their 90’s. I love them all dearly, but as you can imagine, our meetings are pretty sedate. Uneventful…

Until the last one.

For an activity, one of the ladies was showing us how to fold hand towels like they do on the cruise ships. My partner and I were given instructions for making a monkey, and after 10 minutes of frustration I gave up. She tried a little longer, but we both finally admitted defeat, though we got a lot of laughs out of the attempt. One lady was making a swan. She held it up for all to see, and either I was the first to notice, or just the first to say it out loud, but it looked exactly like…well…something that could have used a little blue pill.

I started laughing and delicately choked out something about a “phallic symbol”, worried that I would shock some of the more elderly members. I obviously didn’t give them enough credit, because let me tell you…that thing made the rounds! Everyone at our table had to have a turn playing with it, posing it in different ways. Hysterical (and surprisingly earthy) conversations made for a refreshingly fun meeting! Β And everyone thinks we just read minutes and have bake sales. Hah!


Anyone who knows me well would describe me as “organized”, “meticulous”, “efficient”…even “tidy”.
Excuse me while I clean up the wine that I just snorted out my nose!
I thought you might want to take a look at my awesome filing system. You know, for bills, receipts, etc.
Behold, my purse. It’s not a big purse; I bought it at a children’s store! It was, however, getting a little heavy. Makes for a sore shoulder, you know?

My poor, little, abused purse.

Here is what came OUT of that purse. I haven’t had the courage to sort through it yet. I’m pretty sure I will find grocery lists ranging from yesterday back to Christmas. The Man wanted me to plant some funny stuff in there, but I think this is horrifying enough.

My purse, deconstructed.

My purse, deconstructed.

You know what’s really bad? I have a similar purse hanging in the closet that should be thrown away, but I haven’t done that because it has all of my 2012 “filing” in it.

I need an intervention.fly1gifcropped

Three weeks ago I took a picture of the garden after the tomatoes were planted. The rows looked nice and clean, with very few weeds…so glad I took a picture of that, just as a wonderful, wonderful memory. June bites me on the butt every year. I get stuff planted and then the weather takes a dive, with torrents of rain, thunderstorms, hail…you name it. So while I’m huddling inside and the veggie plants are sulking outside, the weeds are taking advantage of the water and cool temperatures and exploding. By the time the sun comes back and I go out to survey my beautiful garden, the weeds have taken over. Every.Single.Year. I fight a good battle but never, ever win the war.

Today I worked on the onions. Here is what I got weeded:

So pretty after they've been weeded.

So pretty after they’ve been weeded.

And here is what I have left to do:

There really are onions between those weeds!

There really are onions between those weeds!

Pray for me.


I love getting mail. Well, real mail that doesn’t have “final notice” printed on it in red, or “Lorinda, please come back to us” on it. So when I got an unexpected package in the mail from my friend Mary, I was really excited…and rightfully so! She brought THIS back from her vacation to Hawaii. 036

She and I now have two matching Christmas tops! There is nothing she could have brought me that would have been more thrilling (well…maybe a huge box of those chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Are you getting this Mary?) because I rock Christmas shirts.

If you were following me last Christmas, you’ll know that I have enough Christmas shirts to wear a different one each day of December – kind of like a Nativity calendar. That is, I did have that many, until my evil daughter made me throw away the one with the fake collar. I admit, it was pretty lame.

So now I’m back in action. And do you know what????

Plugin supplied by Your Christmas Countdown

Bwa ha ha ha. Only 187 days left ’til Christmas!

It’s pretty much been all work, no play this month. But next month my grandkids will be here visiting, so I should have LOTS of great material for you. For now, here are some other places to buzz by and check out. See you next month!

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28 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall – June

    • Yup…and the bigger the purse the more I stuff in it. This kinda reminded me of a clown car…stuff just kept coming out, way beyond the capacity of that small purse!

    • I don’t keep a running total on my checking account, either. I just have a ballpark idea and check the balance now and then. It can lead to surprises – pleasant and unpleasant – but it keeps life interesting. They’d all hate me.

    • I wish I’d had video. They really surprised me! I’m almost through the onions. Maybe THIS year I will be victorious! (I believe I have that hope every year.)

  1. Yesterday at dinner, my dad and I were discussing tablets and wondering if his eyes could adjust to something smaller than an iPad… so I pulled my Nook out, which was next to my book. Couldn’t find my keys later, but hey, I had entertainment and it helped out my dad LOL

    • We’d probably do well at “Let’s Make a Deal” (I know, I’m dating myself) because no matter what he asked for, it would be in our purse somewhere!

  2. Oh my gosh, I do the same thing with my purse, and currently have last year’s model just sitting waiting for me to go through it. I’d really like to use last year’s purse, it’s cute lol πŸ™‚

    • Right now I’m rejoicing in a light, almost-empty purse. Give me a week! My car is the same. If I need to find something, it’s either in my purse or my car.

  3. Love your filing system! What a brilliant reason to get a new purse every year πŸ™‚
    I was one of your daily LIKEs for the Holiday sweaters, and I’ll be around in about 160 days for the 2014 edition!

    • Better yet, Tamara….join me next year! Start haunting thrift stores and garage sales for the worst Christmas sweaters you can find!

  4. Those stinking weeds!!! I swear I can have all my landscaping beautifully done and we get rain that night and those turds show up in the morning. Grumble!!

    I’m impressed with just how much you got in that purse … but now I wonder how you got anything out of it without it all exploding in the middle of the grocery store!!

    Can’t wait for next month’s with tales from the girls!!

    • Hah…I am a master of groping in my purse without opening it all the way. This keeps it from going everywhere. Remember in school when we had to close our eyes and identify things in a paper bag? It was good training for this πŸ™‚

  5. Sorry it took me so long to get over here–I’ve had a crazy week! Your garden looks great—I love seeing the before and after pics people are posting on Fb of their garden growth. Those beetles do look nasty, though, Yikes! The purse thing had me laughing—I definitely have that problem!

    • This is why I love you. You must have had a crazy month…this is last month’s Fly πŸ˜‰ I bailed this month because things were so crazy here, too. Will we EVER get to kick back???

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